This Week with El: YOGA at the PARK

To my Yogic Lovers:

While there is no class at the studio this week, I will be co-hosting practice with Mother Nature tomorrow morning at 10.00am at the Spicer Park.

Here, we will bask in the warmth of the sunshine, ride the breeze, and take rest under the beautiful canopy of trees (‪#‎justlookup‬)

Come ONE! Come ALL!

And if you’d like to set something up with me (private, semi private, or open to all) do feel free to be in touch!



All Things Are Temporary

Just as all things are temporary, so is my class schedule at Satsanga.  Please read on for adjustments to the current flow.  Most notably, all Thursday evening classes have been re-arranged due to low class attendance, as well as life changes on my behalf.  As such, Meditation is now on Wednesdays at 5.00pm and Thursday’s Happy Hour Yoga has been removed from the calendar.

Yoga at Fowhole Brewhouse is on the books for April 16th and May 14th from 12pm-2.00pm.  This is the most delicious combination of Yoga + Beer + El you will ever get.  Mostly because Foxhole has INCREDIBLE brews, and I don’t even drink beer.  See the Events Page or Facebook to register.

Also, stay tuned for more calendar updates (HOT HINT:  Jen Grant and I will be co-hosting a half-day Alchemy of the Soul workshop/retreat on May 1st that will be to LIVE FOR)

Yoga and Meditation Schedule


After School- 5.00pm:  Yoga for Kids- Elementary Age (Pre-K through 4th Grade)

Yoga for Kids- Middle School Age (5th Grade Through 8th Grade) – Please express interest to help us find a time for this class!


6.30-7.30am: Sunrise Yoga


5.00pm: Meditation

5.30-6.30pm Astanga Flow


No Class


10.00-11.00am- Gentle Flow

The Practice

{Sthira sukham asanam}  : Strength and ease within the pose

Sthira:  This word translates as firm, stable, resolute, changeless. Sthira speaks not only of challenge, strength, endurance and fortitude, but also vigilance, the ability to pay attention, and to be present. It is the opposite of agitation and refers to both physical and mental stillness: a controlled, fully engaged body and a focused mind.

Sukha:  This word translates as pleasurable, joyful, agreeable, easy, comfortable, happy, prosperous, relaxed. It is the opposite of discomfort, suffering or pain, or resistance.  This also ahimsa, or non-violence and self-acceptance and the nurturing of the self.

Asana:  This word translates as position, posture, seat, or a way of sitting that prepares the body for seated meditation. In the more expanded view of yoga, asana occurs not just on the mat or in meditation, but it is also the foundation from which we act in daily life, which means that we as we live life, we are present in the body, in existing, inhabiting and living fully.

…In yoga, we create unity of all things, including the above terms, for Yoga means “to yoke” or to “create union”.  This the MindBodySpirit connection that is yoga.

It is the ritual of entering and holding the posture without interruption for a period of time, being fully present with all the details, sensations, and experiences that occur in the body/mind. It is the qualities of engagement and letting go, the balance between tension and relaxation, effort and ease.  It is a state of equilibrium that is without agitation or inertia.  It is the marriage of the body, the mind, the spirit, and  all else.

…And as teachers and students, this does not stop here, and it goes much deeper and becomes much more personalized with practice, driving deeper into the heart and soul of the practitioner.  Because this, THIS, is where philosophy meets and unifies with practice.   And THIS is what is yoga.



The Lower Bod


…In my yoga classes this week, we have given extra-special attention to the hips and lower-body regions. And this feels oh-so-amazing! And even more so amazing than that is the extremely important, yet often over-looked, aspect of this hip-opening practice… which is the emotions that are stored within the lower body regions.

As a yoga instructor and therapist, I feel that it is extremely important to bear in mind that our bodies do NOT operate alone. Rather, our physical bodies are just one aspect of a very complex and intricate system that makes up our entire being. And it is our lower bodies that often store emotions in need of further attention, processing, and healing. These processes occur in many shapes and forms and are healthy for us to experience, despite the fact that they may be uncomfortable, especially when they become substantial and important. Yet, even so, these sensations are to be welcomed, as they are good and necessary. So run into the feelings that arise, rather than running from them, feel what you don’t want to feel, and diffuse them with breath.

So, as you move forward in the practice, I would like you to keep your entire self (mind, body, spirit) in mind. And, as you do, listen closely to your own self. Check in. Ask questions. Notice and observe. Know that your practice will take you deeper than the physical realm. Revel in the magic that happens in all dimensions. And radically accept who, and where, you are now.



{YAM} Heart-Openers and Back-Bending:

These poses, hence their name, involve the opening and blossoming of the heart. Which inevitably exposes the most intimate and vulnerable parts of our internal and external self.

And not surprsingly, this can feel scary, uncomfortable.  Yet, it can also feel beautifully and incredibly naked and raw, as these poses gently encourage us to peel away our protective layers and let the magic of our hearts shine.  They force us to drop our head and mind back into the unknown behind us, expose our neck and throat, drive our chest forward, and allow our heart, soul, and intuitive gut lead the way and journey blindly into the unknown before us.

Yet, as scary as this may be, we need not move in the direction of fear, or we will forever be stagnant.

Instead, move in the direction of your heart. Let it open. Expose yourself. Be authentic, raw, and naked. Liberate yourself. Dance with life. Open up to the cosmos.

Floracopeia Essential Oils


As the only wholesalers of Floracopeia Essential Oils in the state of Minnesota, Ashley and I are often asked why we have fallen in love with Floracopeia over other common brands. This is an excellent question that we feel excited to answer, as it provides us an opportunity to educate people on not just one, but many philosophies, that we fee passionate about!


“…Floracopeia was established to promote the use of medicinal plants and high-value crops for grassroots healthcare, poverty alleviation, ecological benefits and the preservation of ethno-botanical wisdom. Floracopeia provides customers with the highest quality essential oils and other botanical aromatic treasures through the support of ecologically sustainable agricultural and agro-forestry projects.


Floracopeia was established to support these important goals:


  1. To economically support and uplift ecologically-responsible farmers around the world by purchasing their high-quality aromatic products.


  1. To support the preservation of forests by purchasing aromatic products from sustainable agroforestry projects.


  1. To lower the cost of top-grade essential oils, attars, hydrosols, and natural perfume ingredients by bringing them directly from distillers to retail customers.


  1. To provide education about the medicinal, ecological, economic, and spiritual benefits of medicinal and aromatic plants in the form of workshops, multi-media events, meditation retreats and publications


  1. To help preserve and promote traditional and indigenous ethno-botanical knowledge of medicinal and aromatic plants and their uses.”


Learn more about these magical oils at

The Right “Fit”.

In numerous articles and studies, The American Psychological Association (APA) has reported that one of the most important determining aspects of a client’s success (or lack thereof) in psychotherapy is the therapeutic alliance, or the quality of the relationship between the client and the counselor.  In fact, the APA states that it is “the therapy relationship that accounts for why clients improve (or fail to improve) as much as the particular treatment method.”

Because I have been both a client and a therapist, I both personally and professionally understand the importance of this fit.  It is for this reason that I offer free consultations both over the phone and in person to anyone and everyone that has interest and curiosity about counseling.

If this speaks to you, or someone you know, please do not hesitate to call or email: or 320.905.4345