Eye Opener Yoga at Midtown Community Yoga

…This class. I love this class because it is yoga AF.

Eye- Opener Yoga | On & Off The Mat

“This free/donation-based/karma-class is geared towards, but definitely not limited to, those dealing with life challenges and addictions.” 

Tuesdays | 7.00pm-8.30pm
Midtown Community Yoga

8/1 Cindy Farnes
8/8 Ellie Holbrook
8/15 Layne Linebaugh
8/22 Cindy Farnes
8/29 Doug E Fresh

Lets. Get. Real. 

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Yoga Teacher Training

And so it is.

A transformative journey of the soul, through the philosophies and practices of Yoga
[A Spiritually-Oriented 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Intensive]

Now taking applications for study in Minnesota and Reno.

Please contact me personally for more information 

The Divine Feminine

Courtney and I are absolutely THRILLED to welcome a guest instructor to the Sojourn Studio!

Join us as we learn from Erin Fisher | Saturday January 14, 2017 at 1:30pm.


Do you feel the effect of your menstrual cycle? Feeling physically and emotionally challenged each month, never fully understanding why we have a cycle in the first place?

Are you tired of needing to put your life on hold when your period comes?

Come learn what is going on in your body each month by understanding the what, when and why of your menstrual cycle.

Gain more awareness around the emotional ups and downs, take a closer look at the archetypes surrounding the many personalities you try on throughout the month.

Leave feeling more empowered as to how this journey of your cycle can actually bring you more purpose, pleasure , and power as a woman.

Join Erin Fisher of Well and Wise Woman and she unlocks the knowledge she is passionate about sharing with women.

Please visit www.wellandwisewomen.com for more information and how to sign up.

Sojourn Studio | 1055 West Moana Lane | Suite 204 | Reno, NV


“That’s how it is: when you are vulnerable, you feel stronger, not weaker. And if you are stronger, you will feel vulnerable, for vulnerability is an opening, and a strong person is open to all: open to death, open to all kinds of winds, open to light and darkness, to the friend and to the foe.

A strong man is open, vulnerable, and a vulnerable man is strong. If vulnerability brings the idea of weakness, then it is not vulnerability. They look alike but they are not the same, for a weak person cannot be vulnerable- they cannot afford it.

{This is why it is a great luxury to be vulnerable.}

As your strength grows, so will your vulnerability; as your vulnerability grows so will your strength.

At the highest peak of strength one is like a child…delicate, like a rose that opens. Like the water, that is fluid.

You are not afraid because you are feeling delicate and vulnerable, you are afraid because you are feeling strong — when you feel strong, fear arises because you feel power, and you know not what you will do with such power. Because to live in power, is to live with risk, and this incites fear.

…Often, because they are afraid, people decide to live at the minimum so there is no risk, and therefore no power.

But your fear is not of vulnerability; your fear is of the strength, the power, that you feel arising.

The snake is uncoiling and you do not know what to do with such power.”

-Osho, Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast

…Do not fear it. This is your vast expansion.

There is great strength, and great power, in vulnerability. And when you step into that space, you are no longer vulnerable as you once were. This balance is the tricky paradox. This balance is what I am working on.



Energy Work and Coaching Discount!

“For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a nebula must collapse.

So collapse.
This is not your destruction.

This is your birth.”

….And this is as it should be. It is time to let go and release, so we may look inward, shine outward, and move onward, forward, and upward, in 2017 with clear minds and open hearts.

…Join me this month at Sojourn Studio  and collectively, we will burn brightly in the final moments of 2016 and welcome the coming miracles of 2017.

…If you are looking for additional guidance and insight as you approach the New Year, consider energy work and coaching sessions.

All energy work and coaching sessions booked during the month of January will receive a 10% discount.


Bundle Up

Bundle up with me, because, baby, it’s cold outside ❤
Enjoy 10% off all the following Bundles with El, this very moment until Christmas Day.
*Yoga classes, private lessons, and bundles
*Individual coaching sessions and bundles
*Healing Intensives
*Energy card readings
*Corporate coaching, workshops, and presentations
Discounts apply for in-person and over-the-phone sessions.
Can’t make it into the studio? Do not even worry about that! Send me a message or give me a call and we can do it all from afar.
Questions/Comments/Dying to know more?! Call, write, send smoke signal, or come by ❤
Happy Holidays to you and your loves!

Guided Meditation

“…It is said that through prayer we surrender, through meditation, we receive.”

So excited to wrap up my first meditation recording this afternoon! Interested? Inquire within. Want more? Stay tuned and/or join me in meditation, followed by Happy Hour Yoga every Thursday @ 5.30pm at Sojourn | 1055 West Moana Lane Reno, Nevada


Retreat and Liver Cleanse

This is going to be to live for!

Join us at the Sierra Nevada’s most unique retreat property right along White’s Creek for a weekend sure to kick 2017 off to inspiring heights.

We will be practicing yoga everyday and targeting one of our most important organs through clean diet and right eating practices.

Each guest will receive a therapeutic massage during the weekend and have plenty of self time to disconnect from their wireless devices and reflect inward.

We will also come together as a group to learn about cleansing, Ayurveda, holistic nutrition, and other related topics in our beautiful and tranquil getaway abode.

Receive $25 off by registering before the new year, or $350 saves your spot by January 12th

Interested? Inquire within!



“…It is said that through prayer we surrender, through meditation, we receive.”

So excited to wrap up my first meditation recording this afternoon!

Interested? Inquire within. Want more? Join me in meditation, followed by Happy Hour Yoga every Thursday @ 5.30pm at Sojourn | 1055 West Moana Lane