Melodic Mantras: The Seven Chakra Series| The Root Chakra


The inner most process of this human and spiritual experience is the deepest, the most intimate process that we will ever experience. It is a vibration that dives into, combs through, and energetically touches and massages every cell of our entire being. The physical and sensual body. The conscious, and ever-undulating mental and emotional self. The cosmic, spiritual creatures that we are.

When we tune into, and align with this process, we become guided by something greater. A different language of sorts, that we naturally, intuitively, and creatively understand with our hearts and souls and visceral bodies, no matter what logic and our intellectual minds may have to say.

So, listen. And whisper back. And have these pillow-talk conversations with and through the self.

In doing this, you will enfold organically and spontaneously, unlearning and re-learning, and expanding.

You will find a sense of gravitational grounding that strengthens and heals. And you will let go so that you may trust, play, and be guided. Almost as if you are doing a Trust Fall with the Universe and playing with Life again, as if (and it really is) your most intimate love and your best friend.

Join Molly And Ellie as we explore the Chakra system through yogic movement, music, meditation, and mantra.


The energy center that is the Root Chakra resides in the lower body, just at the base of the spine. And this energy center, and all that it embodies, is an emotional reservoir, indeed.

Join Molly and I this Monday evening as we explore the Muhladara Chakra, focusing on strength and stability of this energy center that is the foundation of our physical and energetic bodies.

As if referring to yoga, Henry David Thoreau has been quoted as saying, “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” And so it is in practice.

In yoga, just as in life, the integral structure of anything physical is built upon its foundation. And when the foundation is strong, it keeps us grounded by providing stability and support and allowing for balance. It is only when we are rooted in a strong internal and external foundation that we are able to ebb, flow, and move with strength and grace, for when we root deeply and surrender, trusting that the earth will support us, we are able to rise and expand upward.


Melodic Mantras: The Seven Chakra Series

More collaborations with the amazing Molly Warren!

Join us for this transformational series for yoga, music therapy, and wellness. Each week, we will address one of the seven chakras to bring balance and peace into your daily living and in your relationships!

Triple Goddess Workshop


Invoke your Inner Goddess through Music, Manta, Meditation and Movement.

Join Mollie and Ellie as we explore the depths of your story as an empowered woman and how you embody and express the Divine Feminine within through the practices of yoga, movement, meditation, and music therapy.

April 10th, 2017  | 6.00pm – 7.30pm

Sojourn Studio | 1055 West Moana Lane, Suite 204, Reno

Brought to you by:
Ellie Holbrook, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Life and Wellness Coach, and Yoga Instructor and Molly Warren, Licensed
Professional Music Therapist

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week



National Eating Disorder Awareness Week is upon us.

As a therapist/eating disorder survivor, the care and activism of Eating Disorders will always have a special place in my heart.

…As such, I will be one of first to say eating disorders are incredibly difficult to understand. Because, really, they do not make sense on any rational or logical level, making them all the more confusing and frustrating for those that suffer and their loved ones. As a result of this lack of understanding, it is all too common that they are stigmatized, oversimplified, overlooked, and undertreated.

…So, if I could have you understand one thing about Eating Disorders, I would want you know that they are far more complex than being just about FOOD. And despite what it may look like on the surface, they are not about VANITY, either.

Rather, they are “about” deeper, longstanding mental and emotional issues that manifest themselves through one’s relationship with food and the body.

They are about self-love, self-loathing, self-esteem, and self-worth. They are about tidal waves of emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger, resentment, and fear. They are about addiction, dissociation, detachment, self-medicating, and a desperate attempt to anesthestize intense pain. They are about the perceptions of perfectionism, power, control, and a lack thereof. Trauma, abuse, objectification, and victimization. They are about family dysfunction, peer relationships, identification, trying to stand out and simaltaneously disappear…

The issues that underlie EDs are as unique and complex as the beautiful soul that struggles with the disease. And if recovery is to be successful, they need to be treated as such. They do not need to be pathologized or minimized. Nor do they need shame, judgement, insensitivity, or stigmatization.

Rather, those that struggle with this disease need empathy and they need compassion. Validation, patience, optimism, and hope. They need to be supported, challenged, and reminded of the essence of WHO they REALLY are.

And most of all, they need love. Love from others, and most importantly, love of SELF.

If this resonates, be inspired. Be encouraged. Have hope.

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This week at Sojourn

Monday | 02.20.2017
5.30pm-7.00pm:  Tapas Flow
The Sanskrit word Tapas means literally “to burn” and evokes a sense of fiery passion and discipline in students.  Tapas involves cultivating a sense of self-discipline, passion and courage in order to burn away ‘impurities’  of the physical, mental and emotional bodies, thus paving the way to our highest self and true greatness.  Tapas Flow is inspired by Astanga Yoga, which is a challenging and vigorous style of Hatha Yoga, consisting of the same asana sequence that moves students from pose to pose, paying special attention to unwinding and aligning the entire body to increase both strength and flexibility and to enhance overall health by incorporating heat, breath control, isometrics, and internal focus.
Thursday | 02.23.2017
5.30pm:  Meditation
This 30 minute practice will introduce students to a new meditation technique each week.  Following brief discussion and guidance, students will then have the opportunity to explore each technique on their own, or practice a meditation technique of their preference.
6.00pm-7.00pm:  Happy Hour Yoga
Happy Hour class is open to students of all levels and will incorporate a variety of yoga poses and practices, including deep, targeted breath and body work to build strength, increase flexibility, and improve the overall functioning of the body.
Friday | 02.24.2017
10.00am: Sukha Flow
Sukha is a Sanskrit word that is translated to “quiet happiness, ease, pleasure or contented bliss”.  Sukha Flow is a hybrid of Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, as it synchronizes the breath with movements and postures that emphasize relaxation, restoration, and rejuvenation.
7.00pm-8.00pm and 8.00pm-later:
 New Moon CandleLight Flow and Lounge Party
Join Courtney and me as we transform Sojourn Studio into a  New Moon CandleLight Flow Session and Lounge Party to honor and celebrate this New Moon.
WHO – You | Your loves | Come one, come all
WHAT – A New Moon CandleLight Flow Sesh and Lounge Party
WHERE – Sojourn Studio | 1055 West Moana Lane | Reno
WHEN – Friday | 02.24.2017 | Yoga at 7.00pm | Lounging at 8.00pm
WHY – To honor and celebrate the New Moon | To flow and unwind, chill, enjoy one another’s company, laugh, and vibe with like-minded souls.
Free to all, and any donations will be gratefully received.
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For more on classes and studio events: and facebook/yogawithel and
Saturday |02.25.2017
RISING IN LOVE:  A  half-day self-love workshop?
Come play, and soak up the love as you receive:
❤️ a guided-meditation and heart-opening yoga practice with El
❤️enlightening, soul-stirring group discussion
❤️inspired, experiential manifesting and healing practices
❤️powerful and uplifting sharing and support
❤️ Dr. Erin’s proven strategy to increase self-love and confidence
❤️free goodies
❤️opportunities to schedule free one-on-one sessions with both Dr. Erin and Ellie
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Take care. Be well.  Namaste.

What is Yoga?

In a recent interview, I was asked “what is yoga for you personally?”

Yoga, of course, is the sequence of postures and movements that is asana. It is the quiet transformation of pranayama. The stillness of meditation.

But, to me, yoga is also soso much more than that.

It is ever-evolving study of the self. It is philosophy and principle in action. It is bhakti, the embodiment of worship, and the expression of prayer.

Yoga is a creative artform. It is a vessel through which we may heal. And it is a science.

Combine all these things, and you will have yoga. In sanskrit, yoga translates to union. In life, it translates to love.
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Rising In Love: A Self-Love Workshop

Join us for a 4-hr self-love workshop. Learn to recognize your unique gifts, your YOU-nique energy, and your “YOU-ness”! The world needs YOU!
Ellie and Dr. Erin are coaches and therapists, mothers, business owners, and friends. Join Ellie for a powerful yoga and meditation experience. Listen as Dr. Erin shares her proven strategy to increase self-love and confidece. Participate in experiential exercises to manifest all that you desire. Because YOU are worth it!!!

For tickets ($49) go to:



Falling UP: Episode 2

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Listen, learn, and interact to play BIG in your life! Have REAL talk about REAL issues and get REAL results.

(We will be inviting amazing guest speakers in the future-let us know any topics you would like expired!)

Episode 2:

Falling UP TV: Episode 1

And now, for our next feature…

Falling Up TV: The Transformative Power of Failing Forward

Join Dr. Erin and Ellie Holbrook,
2 friends/mothers/therapists/coaches/wellnessadvocates discuss the value of hardship and how to tun your MESS into your MESSAGE and your TEST into your TESTimony!

Listen, learn, and interact to play BIG in your life! Have REAL talk about REAL issues and get REAL results.

Episode #1: What is this Falling UP all about and who are Dr. Erin and Ellie? (listen to the CRAZY good story of how we met and how Erin MANIFESTED meeting Ellie!!!!)

(We will be inviting amazing guest speakers in the future-let us know any topics you would like expired!)

Episode 1: Falling UP!