Dragon and Tiger is a 1,500 year old powerful self healing exercise that has been practiced by millions of people for improved health, vitality and a general feeling of well being.

The seven movements of Dragon and Tiger are relatively easy to learn and can be practiced by almost anyone regardless of age or physical fitness.

Some of the benefits that Dragon and Tiger Qigong can provide include:
-Helps improve relaxation and relieves stress
-Raises energy levels supporting the natural healing abilities of the body
-Stimulates and strengthens all the acupuncture meridians of the body
-Improved physical coordination and balance
-Quickly gives you a substantial feeling of Chi in your body
-Releases tension and pain around joints, especially in the upper body

To learn more about this 10 week class and reserve your spot contact Brad at 775-379-8815.


Yoga with Jake!

“Iyengar-based Yoga with Jake”.
WEDNESDAYS at 5.30pm. Starting this SEPTEMBER.
$10 for one drop-in
$35 to bundle 5 classes
$50 to bundle 10
Sojourn Studio | 1055 West Moana Lane | Suite 204

No-Where to Now-Here


{Deva Anutosh}

This means “divine contentment.” To become contented with whatsoever is.

Remain contented in the moment – silent, enjoying, celebrating – and see how your life starts becoming a totally different affair.

…Then one lives like a flame, a smokeless flame. And one is so utterly here that the whole mystery of existence becomes available, because existence only exists in the present.

If you are also in the present there is a meeting – that is the meeting of you and God, for God is in the present moment. If you are also in the present moment you enter the temple.

Hence, contentment is the way to God.

…And once you have tasted the joy of it, the freedom of it, the fragrance of it, then you are never the same again. You will never follow the mind, and slowly, slowly the mind disappears of its own accord…

-Osho, God’s Got A Thing About You, Ch 19

…This contentment in and with the present moment, is a practice for sure. For being grounded in the present, as we know, is not always pleasant, nor is it easy. But if we are able to remember that the past is nothing but an interpretation of a memory, and the future is only a projection or an illusion, we are able to experience ourselves, as we are, in our ever-changing divine glory. And this, after all, is the only way in which we can be.

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Eye Opener Yoga at Midtown Community Yoga

…This class. I love this class because it is yoga AF.

Eye- Opener Yoga | On & Off The Mat

“This free/donation-based/karma-class is geared towards, but definitely not limited to, those dealing with life challenges and addictions.” 

Tuesdays | 7.00pm-8.30pm
Midtown Community Yoga

8/1 Cindy Farnes
8/8 Ellie Holbrook
8/15 Layne Linebaugh
8/22 Cindy Farnes
8/29 Doug E Fresh

Lets. Get. Real. 

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The Slowest Mo Yoga Flow at the World Dance Collective

Come out, come out, wherever you are and join me this Friday at The World Dance Collective for The Slowest Mo” Yoga Flow.
Open to all levels and every-body, this dynamic class will incorporate melty and rhythmic undulations, deep, intentional holds, and slow and intricate transitions, melding the breath and body and creating the juiceist, most unexpected, creative flow.

The World Dance Collective inside the West Street Market. 


Sojourn Counseling Group

Just when we thought life couldn’t get any more beautiful, we were presented with the gift of collaboration and expansion.

Sojourn Counseling Group is excited to announce that we are now taking clients in Willmar, Minnesota and Reno, Nevada.

Please be in touch with any questions regarding our services, practitioners, and pricing.

Take care. Be well. Namaste.

…and no, this does not mean I am moving back  But Whitney does have immediate openings in Willmar!

Yoga Teacher Training

And so it is.

A transformative journey of the soul, through the philosophies and practices of Yoga
[A Spiritually-Oriented 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Intensive]

Now taking applications for study in Minnesota and Reno.

Please contact me personally for more information 

Align With Love

Sometimes I catch myself drifting amidst the wounds/defenses/ judgements/projections/ story-telling of my ego, and I have to just knock it off.

To shift my perception away from the dramas of the mind, and bring it back into alignment with love.

Back into a place of reflection/introspection/ meditation/prayer/healing and just allow for all things love to flow through me.

To say thank you. I forgive you. I see you. I feel you. I understand. I am humbled.

“I love you.”

This place of love/self-love is where its all at. This is where the tranformative magic occurs. This is where we belong and where I aspire to be.

Because no matter what kind of nonsense is going on within me and around me, love always wins.

Love always laughs last.

Love is always always always the way.

On Relationships

Relationships, I always say, are just spiritual learning tools.

Every interaction, a cosmic contract of sorts.

Each human that we cross paths with, a reflection of who we are as earthly and celestial beings, at any given moment in time, with the soul/sole purpose of deepening our learning, facilitating our healing, and opening our hearts to giving and receiving divine love.

Every trigger, every raw vulnerability, every feeling of coming home is nothing more than a reflection and a projection of something beautiful within our very own self.

It doesn’t always make sense. And it doesn’t have to. It just has to be heart-felt, and the intuitive knowing will come, if it isn’t there already.

Whether the contact lasts only for an instant, or for infinite lifetimes, that is all that we are: Vessels of the Divine, walking one another home.

Loving you. Still and forever and always.


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| Melodic Mantras: The Seven Chakra Series: THE SACRAL CHAKRA |

Rising from the First Chakra to the Second, we realize that it is only when we are rooted, that we flow.

The energy center that is the Second Chakra resides in the pelvic region, just above the sacrum. And this energy center, and all that it embodies on all energetic levels, is a personal vessel of emotions and creative expression of the self, as it, along with the Vishuddha Chakra, is the only outlet of energy that we have.

Within ourselves, the Second Chakra emphasizes our emotions regarding our personal identity and sense of self, and when imbalanced, feelings of disconnection or shame, strength and resilience, the bodily senses and our relationship with our phsyical self and our sacred sexuality.

Outside of ourselves, this energy center houses our ability to relate to others on all levels, the beauty of intimacy and the strength of vulnerability, interpersonal boundaries, the acceptance of, and conversely, our need to control the world around us, financial security, addictions of all forms, and the unwavering power of choice.

As we relate to the worlds within and around us through the creative energies of Sacral Chakra, we live a life of passion by fostering a sense of joy, depth, and fulfillment through connection and self expression. Fluidity, flexibility, and grace. Personal conviction, purity of intention, and strength in our selves.

Join Molly and I, and together we shall plunge into the watery depths of the Sacral Chakra through yogic movement, music, meditation, and mantra.

April 24 | 6pm-8pm | Sojourn Studio | $50

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