Sojourn Counseling Group

Just when we thought life couldn’t get any more beautiful, we were presented with the gift of collaboration and expansion.

Sojourn Counseling Group is excited to announce that we are now taking clients in Willmar, Minnesota and Reno, Nevada.

Please be in touch with any questions regarding our services, practitioners, and pricing.

Take care. Be well. Namaste.

…and no, this does not mean I am moving back  But Whitney does have immediate openings in Willmar!


Yoga Teacher Training

And so it is.

A transformative journey of the soul, through the philosophies and practices of Yoga
[A Spiritually-Oriented 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Intensive]

Now taking applications for study in Minnesota and Reno.

Please contact me personally for more information 

Align With Love

Sometimes I catch myself drifting amidst the wounds/defenses/ judgements/projections/ story-telling of my ego, and I have to just knock it off.

To shift my perception away from the dramas of the mind, and bring it back into alignment with love.

Back into a place of reflection/introspection/ meditation/prayer/healing and just allow for all things love to flow through me.

To say thank you. I forgive you. I see you. I feel you. I understand. I am humbled.

“I love you.”

This place of love/self-love is where its all at. This is where the tranformative magic occurs. This is where we belong and where I aspire to be.

Because no matter what kind of nonsense is going on within me and around me, love always wins.

Love always laughs last.

Love is always always always the way.