On Relationships

Relationships, I always say, are just spiritual learning tools.

Every interaction, a cosmic contract of sorts.

Each human that we cross paths with, a reflection of who we are as earthly and celestial beings, at any given moment in time, with the soul/sole purpose of deepening our learning, facilitating our healing, and opening our hearts to giving and receiving divine love.

Every trigger, every raw vulnerability, every feeling of coming home is nothing more than a reflection and a projection of something beautiful within our very own self.

It doesn’t always make sense. And it doesn’t have to. It just has to be heart-felt, and the intuitive knowing will come, if it isn’t there already.

Whether the contact lasts only for an instant, or for infinite lifetimes, that is all that we are: Vessels of the Divine, walking one another home.

Loving you. Still and forever and always.


#heartfelt #notmindfucked #keepitsimplesilly#comehome #yogawithel


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