Practice, and ALL is coming

{Koundinyasana B | Side-Crow, Split-Variation B}:
After weeks of preparation, opening, strength- and confidence- building, and daily practice, I can finally say that I’ve “mastered” this pose.
Which, ultimately, after the ego has been removed, means [absolutely NOTHING].
At all. And it never will.
Nor should it.

Because, really, why would it? It is nothing but an inconsequential yoga pose.

…Yet, even so, I have worked hard to master this pose in my practice, and I therefore feel a sense of accomplishment tonight. And this is because, as a student that operates with only one functioning pectoral muscle, I have had to work extra hard, and in a different way, to tune into the unique needs of my physical and mental bodies and acquire the strength, balance, and flexibility that is required to achieve this pose, for me.

And this, {THIS} is why I love {this} practice.

It is a beautiful paradox.

Because, on the one hand, it matters not. Nothing about it matters. Yet, on the other, when practiced daily, really, truly, and at the deepest levels beyond asana, it will transform your entire life.

…How wildly tricky and magical is that!?
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Dream Weaving

Ever since I was a baby girl, I dreamed of moving out west.

I came close to realizing this dream when I was 18, but after finding out that I was pregnant with Ian, I put this dream on hold and instead dove heart-first into motherhood.

Then, after more than fourteen years of falling in love with my children, getting to know my truest spirit, making the very best of a series of fortunate and not-so-fortunate events, defeating the odds that were so seemingly being stacked against me, and surrendering to the crazy frustration of Divine and crazy Universal timing, this lifelong dream of mine is finally coming true.

And, to be completely transparent, it feels most surreal.

Yet, even so, I am overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude. …Those that know me most intimately know that I have always been a wild dreamer. They know that I am a woman of passion, a lover a life, an agent of change, and an almost undefinable creature that finds it impossible to stay in one place for very long.

So, to my loves that have known me and believed in me and my dreams over the past years, I express my truest love and gratitude to you. Thank you for trusting in me and allowing me time and space to grow. Thank you for your fierce and unconditional love.

Thank you for your perspective and encouragement. And, most of all, thank you for helping me uncover my magic, reignite my passions, and helping me set myself free into the mystic.