Nowhere. Now Here. Here Now.




Presence, or the |Art of Being-Here-Now|{for me} is an ongoing practice.

…For, as I experience it, [presence is a practice] indeed. And it is one that I simultaneously crave and resist.

Because to live in the present moment is to both *feel and experience* ABSOUTELY EVERYTHING that is to be registered on a conscious level.
And to be really and truly present during such here-and-now experiences is to register any and all sensations that may arise, in the very moment that they are occurring, the very space that they are occupying, and for whatever duration that is required for them to unravel and unfold in their ENTIRETY.

So, naturally, to experience this concept of presence, even for just one teensy flesh-and-blood moment, is to feel things intense and uncomfortable. It is to tiptoe beyond the comfort zones of our unconscious living and into the enlightening discomforts of personal growth and awareness. It is to surrender into the present, give into the mystery, and let this unknown stuff wash over, engulf, and have its way with us as we let go and trust the process that we know nothing of.

…So, it is no wonder that these beautiful experiences are also messy, visceral, vulnerable, intense and raw. And, it is also no wonder that these magical moments are also playful, creative, ecstatic, dreamy, intimate, and euphoric, as well.

Yet, even so, this present moment living is worth every moment that it has to offer. It is worth learning to detach, observe, accept, and embrace each and every experience these moments offer us . It is worth learning to unlearn, tear labels off, and become nonsensical, and somehow, strangely, more alive, as we instead surrender into a process of transformational metamorphosis, that deconstructs us, reconstructs us, and then sends us off to emerge and transcend whatever wilderness it was that we had come from.

…This is presence. And presence, no matter how beautiful and tricky, is magical and ever-changing.


The Eff Word

So often, yoga instructors hear people say “I am not flexible enough to do yoga.”  And we think that is so silly – We do not practice yoga because we are flexible.  Rather, we are flexible because we practice yoga.  And while a regular asana practice may lead to increased flexibility and range of motion, true yogis know that flexibility is so much more than what happens to our bodies on the mat.

Flexibility, for me, is far more mental and emotional than it has or ever will be physical.

Flexibility is about releasing and the letting go of tension, perceptions of control, fears and discomforts. It is about finding your limits, standing at that edge, and knowing if you can and should tiptoe beyond them.  It is about venturing further and deeper.  It is about opening and expanding and melting while maintaining a balance of give and take, inhale/exhale.

To be flexible is to welcome, to become fluid, and to go beyond.


The Inner Most Process

The inner most process is the deepest, the most intimate process that we will ever experience.  It is a vibration that dives into, combs through, and energetically touches and massages every cell of our entire being:  The physical and sensual body.  The conscious, and ever-undulating mental and emotional self.  The cosmic, spiritual creatures that we are.

When we tune into, and align with this process, we become guided by something greater.  A different language of sorts, that we naturally, intuitively, and creatively understand with our hearts and souls and visceral bodies, no matter what logic and our intellectual minds may have to say.

So, listen.  And whisper back.  And have these pillow-talk conversations with and through the self.

In doing this, you will enfold organically and spontaneously, unlearning and re-learning, and expanding.

You will find a sense of gravitational grounding that strengthens and heals.  And you will let go so that you may trust, play, and be guided.  Almost as if you are doing a Trust Fall with the Universe and playing with Life again, as if (and it really is) your most intimate love and your best friend.


All Things Are Temporary

Just as all things are temporary, so is my class schedule at Satsanga.  Please read on for adjustments to the current flow.  Most notably, all Thursday evening classes have been re-arranged due to low class attendance, as well as life changes on my behalf.  As such, Meditation is now on Wednesdays at 5.00pm and Thursday’s Happy Hour Yoga has been removed from the calendar.

Yoga at Fowhole Brewhouse is on the books for April 16th and May 14th from 12pm-2.00pm.  This is the most delicious combination of Yoga + Beer + El you will ever get.  Mostly because Foxhole has INCREDIBLE brews, and I don’t even drink beer.  See the Events Page or Facebook to register.

Also, stay tuned for more calendar updates (HOT HINT:  Jen Grant and I will be co-hosting a half-day Alchemy of the Soul workshop/retreat on May 1st that will be to LIVE FOR)

Yoga and Meditation Schedule


After School- 5.00pm:  Yoga for Kids- Elementary Age (Pre-K through 4th Grade)

Yoga for Kids- Middle School Age (5th Grade Through 8th Grade) – Please express interest to help us find a time for this class!


6.30-7.30am: Sunrise Yoga


5.00pm: Meditation

5.30-6.30pm Astanga Flow


No Class


10.00-11.00am- Gentle Flow

Fly Away, Sweet Dragonfly

Maksikanagasana|Dragonfly Pose

The magic of the Dragonfly:

As a creature of the water, the Dragonfly symbolizes the creativity of the deeper, meditative, dreaming, and intention-setting mind. It is this subconscious mind that connects us with our most authentic self and guides us to live from our heart, allowing us to manifest a sattvic life of spirituality, freedom, peace and joy, abundance and prosperity.

By its very nature, the Dragonfly transcends the water realm as it takes flight. Therefore, the Dragonfly is a symbol of light and air. These qualities signify transformation, metamorphosis, adaptability, and the evolution of the soul. Additionally, the iridescent wings of this whimsical creature are sensitive to even the slightest change in sensations, reminding us to remain flexible in our power and strength, be open to learning, progression, and growth, and the mastery of our karmic lessons.